September 16, 2022 – Pay Rate Increase Letter

Hello Team,

I am thrilled to share that as of September 25th, our base pay will increase to $25.00 per hour for all caregivers.

Without any doubt, Guided Living’s premium level of care is because of you and our entire caregiver team. It is you that makes us exceptional and allows us to bring the highest level of service to our clients.

I feel so lucky to work with you and every member of our team. Since day one, the mission of our company has been to provide the highest level of in-home care to seniors. I appreciate you, as do our clients and their families very much.

I would be so grateful if you share our website with any caregiver who you think would be a good fit for Guided Living. These personal referrals make such a difference, we only want to hire the very best and a reference from you would mean so much.

Thank you for everything you do!

Patrick Flaherty
Founder – Guided Living
Office: 508-927-1213