Most serious or life-changing falls occur in or around the home. In order for loved ones to stay at home safely, it is important to identify and remedy any areas that are potential fall risks. It is a good idea to speak with your home care agency about a personalized fall risk evaluation. The home care agency can do a walk-through of your loved one’s home and identify any areas that are potential fall or tripping hazards.

Here are a few simple precautions that every elderly person can take to help reduce the risk of falls at home.

Floors and Stairs

Make sure floors are even and there are no loose boards or carpet areas. When cleaning hard surface floors, do not use slippery materials like wax. Keep the floors free of clutter and small items of furniture. Remove areas rugs, as they are a major tripping hazard. The handrails on stairs should be secure and if possible, make sure there is a handrail on both sides of the stairs so the elderly person can hold on with both hands. If stairs are a hard surface, put traction strips on every stair and carpeted stairs should not have any loose threads or bunched carpet.


Make sure the bathroom is clutter free and it is easy to move around. Consider removing the bathroom lock, if your loved one falls you want to be able to help them quickly. Change out standard tubs for a walk-in tub or shower which is easier to get in and out of.

Do not let soap scum build up in the bottom of the shower and install grip bars in the shower and by the toilet. Install non-slip strips in the shower, sink area, and near the toilet.

If a bathmat is used, adhere it to the floor with heavy-duty double-sided tape.


Make sure the bed is at a height where your loved one can sit on it and his or her feet touch the floor. Keep the room free of clutter so it is easy to move around. Instead of a bedside table, install a wall shelf. This way, your loved one does not have to maneuver around the table but the wall shelf can easily hold things like a glass of water, books, and glasses. If the elderly person uses a walker, make sure there is plenty of room for it by the bed and the senior can get a hold of it without having to reach very far.

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