Guided Living Visitor Travel Policies During State of Emergency Due to Covid-19

Guided Living is following closely and adhering to all travel orders and guidelines issued by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Our mission remains to ensure the health and safety of both our clients as well as our staff and their families. During the upcoming holiday season, especially as families may be planning gatherings, we thought it necessary to send a reminder of our policies. Massachusetts requires all travelers from out of state to follow the posted COVID-19 Travel Order:

According to the travel order, anyone visiting MA from a restricted state must receive a negative COVID-19 result from a test administered within 72 hours before arrival. If there is not a negative test result, the state demands that travelers, and those in contact with them, MUST quarantine for 14 days. More info about the travel order here:

How will this affect care services provided by Guided Living?

If there will be any visitors traveling from out of state that will be entering the home of a Guided Living client, please call our office line 24/7 to discuss the individual situation prior to their arrival (508-927-1213). Guided Living is obligated to follow the Governor’s travel orders to maintain the health and safety of both our clients and caregivers. We will require documentation of a negative test result for all visitors to avoid disruption in services.

We are communicating these policies in advance of the holiday season to give as much time as possible to plan for any upcoming visits. Communication is key! We will do everything possible to ensure uninterrupted and high-quality services for our clients, but it is critically important that we all work together to keep our caregivers and clients safe. On our part, we continue to communicate with our caregivers daily about their health, provide personal protective equipment for all shifts, and screen for any Covid risks prior to every shift.

We will rely on all our clients and caregivers to be open and honest about any potential visitors, out of state travel, or potential Covid exposures. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation during this time, but want to stress that in the event that one of our staff enters a home where there are unknown visitors, our staff member will need to immediately leave the premises until our nursing team can confirm all visitors have followed the proper protocol as issued by the Governor of Massachusetts. As of this writing, this means that all visitors will need to produce a negative Covid result before Guided Living can resume care. Alternatively, care services cannot resume until 14 days after the arrival of a visitor who does not produce a negative Covid result and there are no signs or symptoms of illness.

We sincerely appreciate your collaboration with us to protect the health of our clients and team members. If you have any questions, please call the Guided Living office at any time at 508-927-1213.

Patrick Flaherty

Founder & President – Guided Living Senior Home Care

Visitor Travel Form

If you are planning a visit with a client of Guided Living, please complete this form: Guided Living Travel Form.